Wednesday, December 17, 2008

There is a blood sucker on my arm and it is ticking me off

I have certain pet peeves. One, and probably the only thing I will address in this entry (yes, there will be more pet peeve entries) is when people do not say, "Thank you." Especially when I hold the door open for them or go out of my way to ensure that it stays open for them. Not even a thankful nod or a gracious smile. They don't say thank you, but I say, "You're welcome" regardless. It makes me smile inside because I just subtlely owned them. Heh.

Also, regarding, "Thank you," I don't like when people don't say thanks when somebody says bless you. Practically everybody says thanks after somebody says it. Sure, there are those that don't say thanks and yes, I know, it is not automatically right just because the majority is doing it (cases in point: slavery, believing Jesus is a deity, stealing office supplies). But let's say that you just sneezed twice in a row and I said "bless you" both times after you sneezed, you can offer thanks no matter your faith from Agnostic to Zen. And then if you sneeze another time, you might hear me say, "Now you're asking too much." And we would laugh and we would have a connection for a second. But if you didn't say thanks at all then your continuous sneezes will just be awkward if you expect anything from me.

Or I could take my camera out and take pictures of you mid-sneeze and post them on Facebook*.

*I don't have facebook anymore, I disabled that ish.

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