Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Break Downs and Break Ups (sorry Reagan, not regarding walls)

This entry is a continuance of finals season.  Yesterday, I saw a girl have a severe breakdown.  Major breakdown.  I can understand because her computer broke down.  And then her eyes went mad googly. 

I have rarely seen googly eyes on people. 

I didn't know which way she was looking but she was definitely looking down.  

Along with finals season, especially this first time, comes the "holiday" season.  (Arthur's sidenote:  My name is not Arthur.)  (Author's sidenote:  I hate homonyms.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  I have no malice for them, just as I have no malice for heteronyms.)  (Seriously, author's sidenote:  I have holiday in quotation marks because I don't believe a lot of people celebrate the days for their holy reasons.  It is more of a sellabration.  Person: "Oh? You are selling a bration?  I will take three!"  Look, I am not selling any brations.  Person: "I'll give you $300 for each.  My kids are dying to have one."  I don't even think brations exist.  Abrasions exist, though.  I could give you abrasions by rubbing your skin with sandpaper, or perhaps rubbing your spoiled kids with sandpaper.  Maybe I would smooth out their flaws.  Or I could sandpaper my baseball bat and hit you upside the head, hoping to knock some sense into you because if you are celebrating Christmas then celebrate it for the right reasons [which are actually the wrong reasons historically, even religiously] but that is not for this type of blog.  Just know that.  There will be a test.)

Right, so the "holiday" season.  People like to get festive all of a sudden.  I do not know what festive means.  I think it means "Here are some lights in front of my house.  I will now chop a tree down from the outside, bring it inside, and let it die."  Or perhaps it means, "Hi.  I know you. I like you.  Here is something I did not want so I am giving it to you with the gift receipt so that you can return it and keep the money.  Unless you want me to give you $12.79 in an envelope."  

But during finals season, nobody can be festive.  Nobody can be jolly.  Nobody can be solemn. Nobody can be jollemn.  They are a glum un-jollemn.  They are a . . . gollum?  

So people yell.  They get angry.  Their nerves are at wit's end.  Cracking gum, the wrong inflection in a voice, duty's owed to oneself, it all gets to people.  And with all that happening on this end, the people on the other end of people's lives get agitated because they want to know what's wrong, they want to help, they want to be there in the student's life.  But they cannot and, well, they should not (not from a distance, anyways).  Relationships were never meant to be long-distance.  If they are meant to be (like mine) then they will last.  If not, then, well, I don't know.  Tough.  Make it a short-distance relationship.  Do something about it.  Law school consumes your life, it will.  But once it ends (this semester at least), well, the break will be nice.  

And we will repeat in May.  

I can't wait.

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