Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finals and Chinese Food

The core subjects kick off their marathon on Thursday with a good ol' Torts final. The day has been renamed Tortsday. All the test takers are tortoises. I have a craving for tortillas. All this studying will give me Tortet's Syndrome. Man the missile torts and fire when ready! These past couple sentences have been tortally lame.

I cannot wait until this Torts final is over because I am craving Chinese food and I think it would be enjoyable to eat after taking that final. This entry is short because DUHHHHHHH I should be sleeping now. Not blogging.

My fingers were negligent this entire entry. Each finger and thumb must pay their proportional damages. The jury would establish how much each finger owes by seeing how many of each letter has been typed because my fingers are good like that. And then my thumbs will have to pay for every space. Ha. Take that thumbs! ;a;a;aa;a;a;;a;a;a;a;a;a;a;a;a;a;a;a also, take that rinky dink pinky!

I'm just kidding, Fingers and Thumbs, don't fail me tomorrow.

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