Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1L Omniscient

I see these new students with their, literally, bright and shiny faces. Their eyes are wide. The girls are wearing make up and brand new outfits. They expect law school to be something that I have long since forgotten.

They are in for a huge punch to the face.

I see them and I cannot help but feel so miserable for them. I, and the other upper-level students, know what is about to hit them. And they do not have a clue! It can only be described as the longest running hazing ritual in all of America.

I want to do something to help them but I cannot just barge into their life and give advice freely. Nay, they will see soon enough. I don't want to seem 'preachy' and I tell you that I do not intend the following in any attempt at preaching, rather it is more just a thought. I feel like this is why God doesn't just come in and save the day with a touch of a thought. I could easily approach people and guide them through the whole thing but what good would that do for them? This would be bad for them! That is why God lets us all do what we gotta do because that is how we will better ourselves. Sure, we can ask for help, no problem. We know what we have to do, we know where we have to go, the path to that end is where we'll need help. And the help is available. All we have to do is ask. Of course, I hope the reader does not think I am comparing myself to God or vice versa, I am merely attempting to establish a parallel between the metaphysical and the physical.

I remember being at the student club fair. I could see the Law Review table a few stalls down. Loads of students had of course heard the 'prestige' offered by joining the 'elite' law review. So they flocked to it like it was the new Mecca. All of them with eyes focused on the prize of being in the top ten percent, getting a spot on law review, and then getting that corporate law job with all the money to make it all worthwhile.

But they don't know what it means for 'it all to be worthwhile.' They have barely licked the iceberg! All of them will realize the enormous workload on their shoulders (the good ol backpack and laptop bags), many of them will fade away from the dream (it is good to wake up), and the rest will literally be just a tad bit crazy enough to do that extra work (get that extra line on the resume).

I don't have anything against those who make an attempt for the prestige. I was nearly crazy enough to apply for one of the journals myself. What it comes down to is that I am not gunning for that big firm job, I am not shooting for money; I'm here to simply give meaning to the words 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' for those who have been surrounded by death, slavery, and been pursued by malice.

I am crazy enough to do that.