Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cheating on the Law

I do not understand how people attempt to manage relationships while in law school. I further do not understand how people get into relationships while in law school. And not just with any person, but with a person from the same school. I guess they find somebody attractive and pursue it, not realizing that everybody in their year is their rival. And then, once in a relationship, what is the point? If you are paying tens of thousands of dollars a year to be in law school, are you paying all that to be mediocre? I highly doubt it. Essentially, being in a relationship while in law school means that somebody is being cheated on.

And that somebody is Lady Justice.

Who cares that she is blindfolded and won't see you? She'll sense it when you get that not so great grade.

How do I know this? Because I have enough trouble maintaining friendships, a relationship must be twice as hard! Why is that? That is because in law school, going to class is 30% of the battle. The rest of the 94% is reading, understanding, and applying. Oddly, if you have done the reading and the understanding, it is a tad difficult to automatically apply whatever it is that has been learnt. One has to turn to actively engage in doing the hypotheticals until their life becomes hypathetical.

Yes, yes, one should not let law school take control over their life, but it is pretty difficult to separate the two. And that is when the realization occurs that the student is now cheating on their loved one with Lady Law. And when the student's significant other ultimately realizes the neglect that results, he/she does not know what to do. He/she will try to get in more time with the student because of the emotional bond that is present in a relationship. That bond is pretty important. It is a fire that one must feed and stoke. If it is not fed, if the student thinks that the fire will burn on the ashen remains of what was, then the student is sorely mistaken.

It is a fine balance.

Especially come finals time when literally every breathing moment is dedicated to studying for finals and the extended blink, which has become the new method of sleep, is done solely out of necessary purposes to recharge.

Is anybody at fault in these situations? A person can be at fault, especially when he/she gets together while in law school with a fellow student. I do not agree with that. If you are going to get into a relationship, get with somebody where law would be the last thing on his/her mind. Otherwise, that sounds like a super boring life. So go for the girl you know back home, or find out more about the man that you know through a friend.

Because, after all, Lady Law is blind, she won't see you.

...for now.

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