Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Second Day, Second Year

So first year is behind me. Far behind me. What can I say about it, three and a half months later?

It was like being on a roller coaster that pulls you backwards up the ramp so you can stare at what should be your impending death. You imagine a tragic scene over and over worthy of a part in a movie as you are slowly pulled back. And then, at the height of the incline, you hear the CLICK and everything is suspended for but a moment. Then, FWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, physics comes back into play and the train rushes down and up and around and then it all stops and you are slowly pulled up on a ramp. Things are different now because you can see the clear blue sky. This isn't the part where they tell you to exit the seat, but who cares, life is good for the moment. You hear the familiar CRICKLE CLACK CRICKLE CLACK as you are being pulled upwards, with hopes oh so high. It dawns on you that this track doesn't last forever. You realize this whole thing is about to happen again. But you've been on the track already, so you sort of know the way.

In but a moment, you will have to do the whole thing again, backwards. You try to remember what the ride was like. The latter part of the coaster was more recent than the beginning, so you work your way backwards. Starting with finals, how you studied for finals, what you read throughout the course, your study spot, the first day of school.

Ok, so you remember it now?