Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Some Stress, No Z's, All Tests, No B's

Ugh-nother day spent in the engorging embrace of my mistress, Leah B. Rary. She is suffocating me. Always asking "Where are you?" and "Why are you not in me?" and "Why do you only come over when nobody is looking? Are you ashamed of me?" LEAVE ME ALONE YOU VILE, PESTILENT WOMAN!

The study room is oddly warm and I am oddly sleepy. Well, it is not so odd because I have been here since the early AM. I don't even know what time. The sun was down and the stars were up. That is all I know anymore. The sun is a figment of my imagination for this month. I only see it from inside a room, through a plated glass window. I think the windows are made durable enough so that nobody can jump through them but, then again, the third floor has no bars from one jumping off and falling to the lobby below.

Negligent? I don't know anymore.

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