Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I wrote my first judicial decision the other day. That was pretty awesome. Of course, I am not a judge, so it wasn't "mine" per se. When I say "I wrote my", I mean it as a collective. I had a good group backing me in my pursuit of writing. The judge supported me. The secretary said I could do it without a problem. My fellow interns even offered to proofread my work and help edit it. I was very thankful for that kind gesture. It is always nice to see and work with good people in a seemingly cutthroat world.

Having written that, I now have two research assignments I am working on. Oh crap, I just ended the sentence in a preposition. Let's see, how to fix that and make it better. "I am working on two research assignments after having written the decision." Better? I suppose. It could probably be written better though, I'll leave that up to the reader.

Oh, so this talk of interns. Let me bring you up to speed. I'm working in a family court for a judge. This will last until the end of July. I have definitely learned a lot. Not so much as knowledge that will help me in a final, but I definitely learned how to behave in a courtroom and what not to do.

I have seen attorneys not show up, sign in and leave, not perform discovery, and only meet their clients when it the court date arrives. But I have also seen lawyers with a good command of the statutes, knowledge of the law, raising good objections, and defending their clients without wearing the clothes of the client. "The clothes of the client" is a phrase I learned during my internship. It is something a lawyer should never do. One time, an attorney became angry during a court proceeding and the judge admonished him to never wear the clothes of the client, that is, let your client be angry, you just have to use the law to rectify the situation because you do not have a personal stake in this.

Also, since I am working in law related stuff, this means that I'm still in law school i.e. I passed my first year! If you are entering or are in your first year of law school and need some sort of advice, you can ask me and I will help to 40% of my abilities. After all, I'm still in school so I have to reserve some of my abilities for myself.

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