Friday, March 6, 2009


Let me tell you something. When you are in law school, when everything seems dim no matter how hard you have tried, there is one thing that you have left to do. That one thing is to visit your professors. Go to them and talk with them. Not talk to them, not talk at them. Talk WITH them. They are not so intimidating in person, although they still have an aura of respect about them. Tell them what you have done to improve yourself and what is not working. They will encourage you in such simple ways but those ways will have the most amazing impact. I did poorly in one of my finals. I felt utter defeat. When talking with my professor, he said, amongst other positive encouragements, "You are an intelligent student." That sent me flying in my head. Soaring. I felt like I could do so much better because I CAN do so much better. And you can too.

While in law school, there is a 90% chance you are not doing anything else. So make sure that you understand and realize that. Take into account each minute of each day and spend it fruitfully. If you are not sleeping or eating, go study. If you are not sleeping or studying, go eat or refresh your mind. If you are not studying or eating, go to sleep. Many times, I would find myself trying to keep myself awake in the late hours by playing online games. That helped NOTHING and I have learned to just use that time to sleep instead.

Once you have realized the value of time, then everything will fall into its place. But you have to work towards it. And if that is not helping, then be sure to meet with your professors and academic support. You are not dumb for going to academic support. That is the smart thing to do. Focus what you are weak in and attack it.

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lawstudent said...

So true. I actually read every word of this blog entry and thought I could not have said it better myself. Bravo.