Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Noah's Irk

One thing that gets me SO HARDCORE BAD is when I am reading a case 4 times and not understanding it at all.  And then, I will catch something I had been missing the whole entire time and it will all make sense!  WHY!  I have some sort of selective dyslexia perhaps.

On a sad note, a student I met last semester was dismissed.  This guy was always studying hard.  He was from China and so his english was not the best.  He would be in the library just reading and taking notes all the time.  He would be there before I got there and still be there when I left.  He sat a few tables away from me.  You know how it is, you sit in a seat so often that it becomes 'yours'.  Eventually we talked and he was a really nice person.  He reminded me of my little brother so, in my own self, I adopted him as such.  Every time I would see him, I would say a little prayer for him, that he may increase in knowledge and that this may be easy for him.  Whenever we talked, he was such a friendly, well-meaning person.  Of course, law school is not for everybody, but he was trying so hard.  

When I saw him this semester, I was excited to see him back!  I found it odd that he had his jacket on in the middle of the day.  He walked with me and stammered out that he had been dismissed.  I stopped in my tracks.  "What?" I asked.  He repeated it, tears in his eyes.  A brick wall fell on me.  The first casualty of law school who I knew.  I wished him the best in life and I sincerely meant it.  I went into the bathroom and splashed my face with cold water.  "Don't let that happen to you." I said to myself as I looked in the mirror.

 I know he will work hard and do well in whatever endeavor he reaches, God willing.  

I just hope I do well in wherever I reach as well

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Ahmad B said...

i guess i should take law school off my list then, because apparently there's a guy out there like me who couldn't make it.