Sunday, March 6, 2011

The World Is(n't) Falling Apart

I heard the world is falling apart.

Great timing, Mr. Globe.  I am in my final year of law school.  They were/are tough.  They pushed me to the limits and nudged me off cliffs.  They kept me awake all night and asleep most of the day.  That was law school in a nutshell.  Emphasis on the "hell" in nutshell.

But to get to heaven you have to go through hell.

So what does the future hold?  Or, more candidly, is there a job market to enter?  Yes, I still have one more bout with finals, an epic struggle against the Bar Exam (which is designed to ensure that I, specifically, am guaranteed a most difficult time), and the long (or short) haul of job-hunting.  I'll probably meet lots of people for the first and last time when it comes to job interviews.  And when I say I, I mean I as a collective to include other soon-to-be-graduating law students that are in the same boat.

This boat is in some treacherous waters, that's for sure.

There are revolutions happening all around the world.  Violent, nonviolent, known, and unknown.  Gas prices rise.  Governments fall.  Strikes surge.  People try to find some sort of balance to it all.  Can we still keep moving forward with all these world events in mind?

Well, we kind of have to move forward, no?  Think about it.  Thousands of years ago, even just a few hundred years ago, when something happened in China, the British didn't have a clue (and didn't even care).

Sure, the world is much more connected now.  But do we still not have that independence?  Is this not why President Obama is pushing towards a greener country?  It has its benefits of "saving the planet", if the planet really needs saving.  (The planet has been around for 6,000 - 4.5 billion years, I think it can keep surviving) [Author is Christian and Science friendly].  But the main benefit is that we would not have to worry about how world events will affect our energy sources.  Anything else that is necessary and outside should be moved to our own borders (Apple can stay in China).  I think that makes perfect sense.

Even though the sun IS a foreign source of power.  (And we wouldn't even have an energy crisis when the sun goes out because we'll die about 7 minutes later).

In the medieval times, when a castle was about to be attacked, the people moved everything that was outside the castle and a necessity to inside the fortress.  I think it is time that we move our necessities within our own borders.  What I also like is that this attempted energy change is a shoutout to the original Americans (the Natives).  They lived off the land and we should be able to as well.  It will take some adjustment, sure.

But that is how the American Dream is achieved, through adjusting.

And if the rest of the world falls apart, well, we will adjust to that as well.


Ahmad Bhatti said...

I think John Stewart said it best when he said, 'We live in hard times, not end times'. The world has been in chaos since the beginning of time (and possibly before that!) but somehow mankind survives and still evolves. I think the world is going through a revolution itself right now with the oil crisis and what not, but I think we'll be okay. I wish you the best of luck in life.

Qasim said...

Hope you find the dream job you deserve buddy. Great read.

Valerie said...

The world is only falling apart in the sense of our chosen lifestyles. In our desperate attempts to have the "American Dream" i.e. material and monetary gain and success, we have lost the simple lifestyles of the generations before us.

It would be difficult for us as a nation and as individuals to not care and rely on other parts of the world. We are so invested in the foreign world, in the things we neeeeeeeed that they provide, I think it would be impossible for many. We are far too disconnected with our past (I used past here as the generations before - collective memory) that we have forgotten what it was like before the world was modernized. We want what we want when we want it.

You shout out to the Native Americans, yet you forget the Amish. They are still living off the land mostly and leading simple lives. I really wonder if the majority of the world could adjust to such a lifestyle. I am skeptical. Survival of the fittest though, the most willing to adjust.

FYI, it was not just medieval times when city-states pulled into their citadel. Think Troy for a very early example.