Monday, October 4, 2010

Hakuna Mattorney

When one has committed oneself in becoming a lawyer, one's life is changed forever.  As soon as the person steps into law school, s/he can no longer think as a regular person.   This is not a 100% voluntary change because it happens both slowly and rapidly at the same time.  News reports no longer tell about beatings and shootings, they talk about torts and elements.  When a lawyer wants to move to a different state, s/he takes into account what the state's bar is like before ultimately deciding on the move.  Even movies are no longer safe.  Watching a courtroom drama unfold makes you think of whether or not the script is accurately written (don't watch My Cousin Vinny after being law school, you'll overanalyze it).  I experienced this third example recently.

I dreamt I was defense counsel for Simba. 

A man spoke at length on Simba's alleged transgressions.  He said that Simba was a traitor and should be beheaded.  I rose in defense of Simba and claimed that Scar had poisoned the pride's mind while Simba was away.  Simba was only gone because, while at the scene of a crime that he thought was his fault, he fled under persuasion of what he perceived to be his wise uncle speaking wisdom.  Scar's ulterior motive was to ascend to the throne, which even Simba received a whiff of when Scar said, "Simba, it's to die for."  This statement was made when his uncle prepared Simba for a trap, which Simba  thought was a surprise from his father, the deceased Mufasa.  Because Scar had engaged in a conspiracy to kill the king and carried it out, he and his accomplices (Shenzi, Benzi, and Ed) should be put to death.

We all know how this tale ends.  no pun intended.

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Melissa said...

I remembered you posting comments on fb about your blog. I went back and read several of your posts, and you are still as humorous as ever (even when you're still getting your serious point across)! This made me want to watch the lion king :). I also cannot ever imagine being a lawyer! You must seriously think in a whole new way.