Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First Year, First Entry

Let's cut the bird droppings and get right into business. I am in law school. This is my first year. It is the end of November. This means that finals are here.

What am I doing to prepare? Well, I got rid of my Facebook.

Let me let that sink in.

Pretty intense, eh? I remember when the Dean said, during orientation, to get rid of our social networking websites. I thought, "Ha! What a joke! I will never get rid of my Facebook!" I guess that was the first sign of concern. Who knows how many hours I have poured into that thing. Even during classes. Yes, I am guilty of surfing the net during class sometimes. I'm working on it. I have toned it down. How? Fake interest. If I tell my brain I love contracts and find every word that comes out of the professor's mouth fascinating, then my brain decides to eat everything up.

My brain is very gullible.

And that ends my several minute self-imposed break from my paper that is due in six days. Maybe my entries will become awesome over the next three years and perhaps I will become a wonder of the legal world and be mentioned in Student Lawyer. I love reading that magazine. I feel like I am getting insider tips on things. It is like the Men's Health of the legal world.

Oh, the primary reason I created this was because somebody's cell phone rang in the library and it irked me off to no end. Don't people know library etiquette? Also, it irks me when people flirt in the library. I didn't know people got their socks off to library books.

Girl: "Oh my, all these people so focused and studying, I can feel myself just in the need to FLIRT!"
Guy: "Oh yeah, forget grades, I want to live in the moment! And you are cute so I will flirt it with you! And who knows, perhaps a relationship will develop, although it will be completely pointless because we are in the same year and we are rivals and you'll want to end up being this type of lawyer and I'll want to be that type of lawyer so when it comes time to get our job know, that is too much thinking! Let's flirt!"
Me: (in my best Scottish accent) "How about you two quit getting your jollies off and become one of the literal-minded! Ye done nothing but whisper sweet nothings all evening and it has made me learn more about butterflies and sugarmuffins than personal jurisdiction."

If I fail out, I will find the flirters of law school libraries and throw things at them.

Good gravy chin-lickers!

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